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     - SDT-CL41

    Heraeus Charisma®
    1. original Charisma light cure Composite
    2. A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,B2
    3.low price


    Color: A1,A2,A3,A3.5,B1,B2

    Charisma Composite from Heraeus for Light Cure
    Charisma contains 78 percent by weight of organic fillers composed of X-ray opaque Microglass® (Ø 0.7 μ M/ max. >2.0 μ M) and highly dispersive silicon dioxide (0.01-0.07 μ M/Ø 0.04 μ M).

    Class I-V fillings
    Form and colour corrections
    Diastema closure
    Milk tooth restorations
    Correction of developmental dental defects (e. G. Enamel dysplasia)
    Splinting of teeth loosened through trauma

    light cure composite

    light cure composite

    light cure composite

     - SDT-A303

    Economical Dental Unit
    Dental chair with safety protection



    ●24V DC motor for chair (safety system): 1 set

    ●Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system: 1 set

    ●3 programs inter-lock control system: 1 set

    ●Instrument tray with air break(down-mounted): 1 set

    ●Build-in floor box with main switch: 1 set

    ●Rotatable handpiece holder: 1 sets

    ●Assistant system: 1 sets

    ●Glass spittoon(Removable): 1 set

    ●Double articulate headrest: 1 set

    ●Seamless cushion(PU): 1 set

    ●Muti-function foot controller: 1 set

    ●4-way joystick: 1 set

    ●High suction & saliva ejector system: 1 set

    ●Outer water tank: 1 set

    ●Imported medical grade water/air tubing: 1 set

    ●USB connector: 1 set

    ●LED-3 operating light with sensor: 1 set

    ●LED film viewer: 1 set

    ●3-way syringe(hot/cold): 2 set

    ●Build-in floor box: 1 set

    ●SDT-301 doctor stool: 1 set


    ●External junction box

    ●SDT-603 doctor stool

    ●Sewed eco-leather cushion

    ●Automatic cup filler with sensor

    ●TPC Multi-media endoscope image system

    ●Imported/domestic 4 hole high speed handpiece

    ●Imported/domestic 4 hole low speed handpiece

    ●TPC LED curing light

    ●ART magnetostriction scaler(built-in)


    ●Power/voltage: a.c.220 V-230 V/50 Hz

    ●Water pressure: 0.2-0.4 MPa/2.0-4.0 bar

    ●Air pressure: 0.55-0.8 MPa/5.5-8.0 bar

    ●Air output volumn: 55 L/min

    A303 Economy Dental Unit5

    A303 Economy Dental Unit

    A303 Economy Dental Unit

    A303 Economy Dental Unit

    A303 Economy Dental Unit

     A303 Econmy Dental Unit

    A303 Econmy Dental Unit

    A303 Econmy Dental Unit

    A303 Econmy Dental Unit


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