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Welcome to our product page of dental canal. in which you can find detailed information of dental canal. We produce quality dental canal, Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co.,ltd  is a broad range of over 160 reliable and high performance products: dental unit, dental chair,dental handpieceetc. burs, dental handpiece, turbine air motor, endo micro light, curing scaler, ultrasonic accelerator, whitening unit, x-ray Our product are CE approved. For some product, we offer OEM service for free.
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"Dental Canal"

Endodontic treatment Model:CSmart + Feature: 1. Original Switzerland electromotor 2. Easy operating with wide LCD screen 3. Drive1:1 contra angle is available 4. Adjustable speed and torque 5. Auto reverse to protect the file 6. High capacity Liion chargeable battery and can work with...
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  Key Feature Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different colors indicate the trajectory of the file clearly.Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technology and automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate.The accessories can be autoc...
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1.Adopt the III dualfrequency measure technology, display with large LCD.2.Measuring will not be effected by environment, no matter the root is dry or full of electrolyte(blood, or normal saline), it can measure precisely.3.Manify the apex zone, display with 11 scales, precision can reach 0.1mm.4....
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