- UP601B
Porcelain Furnace For Press



UP601B Porcelain Furnace For Press

Efficient, convenient, fast, low cost, compatible with all cast ceramic blocks on the market. Built-in multiple programs can also be used as a general-purpose porcelain furnace.
The entire casting process takes 20-40 minutes.

The instrument adopts electric die-casting method. Power die-casting is different from traditional pneumatic die-casting method. The power die-casting power is uniform and the die-casting speed is stable. Customers can choose the embedding material according to their own needs. It is not limited to pneumatic casting furnaces, only rigid embedding materials can be selected. TN PRESS casting furnaces can choose soft embedding materials (such as Yihuojia SPEED). The soft embedding material changes the traditional formula, making the reaction layer thinner and easier to remove, making the cast porcelain, especially the patch, more transparent and closer.

The velocity of temperature increasing: 200℃/min max.(392° F /minute)
The max temperature: : 1200℃ max(2283° F)
The time which can be kept at the max temperature: 2 H
Vacuum level:1-101%
Operation range: 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
Electric current: 14.5An@110V 7.0 An @230V
Power: max 1500w
WXDXH : 32*36*67cm
             include the package:41*54*85cm
Usable measure (firing chamber):: 9cm( 3.5”)
Net weight: 23Kg
Weight include the package:35Kg
UP601B Porcelain Furnace For Press