- GP22
Gutta Percha Points .04 Taper



                    Greater Taper ISO
 This type are designed to match Tulsa, Maillefer Files (Pro Files)


1.Gutta Percha Points are hand-jig rolled endodontic points used to fill a prepared root canal prior to tooth restoration
2.Flexible and pliable,yet stiff enough to be inserted into the root canal
3.Unformly hand-jig roolled
4.Carefully graduated sizes and tapers
5.Color coded tips for easy identification of sizes

 Package No  Package Name  Quantity/Box  Remark
 G-20  Slide Box  60Points/Per Box  Contains 6 Compartments

 Gutta Percha Points .04 Taper

Gutta Percha Points .04 Taper              

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