- AX-YT1
Dental Workstation (Triple)



AX-YT1 Dental Workstation (Triple)

CE Approved ISO9001:2000 Approved

This unit is used in dental laboratories for removal of dust resulting from machining.

AX-YT1 Combined Dental Workstation is suitable for dental labs with large open space. Each table is designed for three dental technicians to work in a group. The gas system on the left of the table helps technicians to work conveniently with waxes. The efficient, low noise dust collection system on the right helps technicians to grind, polish etc. This workstation also features: stainless steel plate, elbow rests, retrievable air gun, strong dust collector,gas tap and tube,large size drawers, etc. The swing arm light enables users to adjust the direction of the light for brighter working environment.

Technical Data
Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1500W
Air Volume: 172m³/h
Max. Pressure: -16kPa
Noise Level: <68dB
Dimensions: 85cm x 60cm x 120cm (H W D)
Shipping Dimensions: 102cm x 71cm x 127cm (H W D)
Weight: 120kg

Parts Included
Fluorescent Lighting System×3
Air Nozzle×3
Backup Power Socket×3
Dust Extraction System×3
Tools Drawer×12
Storage Drawer×21
Acrylic Resin Tabletop×3 (Optional)
Hettich Drawer Slide (Germany)×66 (Optional)
Gas System×3 (Optional)
Technician Stool×3 (Optional, please refer to 

If the order quantity is more than 12PCS, the color of the workstation can be customized. The colors in the pictures are for reference only, and are not used for final color matching.

Gloss Paint: Color Card 01, Color Card 02, Color Card 03, Color Card 04, Color Card 05 
Flat Paint: 
Color Card 01, Color Card 02, Color Card 03
Sand Textured Paint: Color Card 01, Color Card 02, Color Card 03