Dental Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine



AX-MAX1 Dental Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

CE Approved ISO9001:2000 Approved

This unit can be used with most dental alloys except titanium. It can be used for casting partial frameworks as well we crown and bridge.

AX-MAX1 Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine is a precision induction casting machine which uses the vacuum pressure method for casting. The vacuum pressure casting machine is better than the centrifugal casting machine in many ways. For example, no vibration is produced during the casting process thanks to the vacuum pressure casting method; lower noise and better cooling result thanks to the water cooling system. This casting machine is ideal for all dental alloys (except titanium). The melting and casting process is done in a vacuum state, argon gas can prevent the oxidation of alloys and precious metals, which reduces the polishing work after casting.

Technical Data
Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2,500W
Pressure of Argon:0.2MPa~0.4MPa
Cooling Fashion: Water Cooling 
Air Flow Rate:2 cfm
Max. Pressure:10Pa 
Max. Melting Amount: 80g
Heating Method: Induction Heating
Dimensions (Part A): 52cm x 56cm x 54cm (H W D)
Dimensions (Part B): 70cm x 64cm x 62cm (H W D)
Shipping Dimensions (Part A): 61cm x 56cm x 54cm (H W D)
Shipping Dimensions (Part B): 78cm x 64cm x 62cm (H W D)
Weight: 120kg

Parts Included
Machine × 1
Manual × 1
Fuse × 7 
Air Tube × 1
Water tube × 1
Tongs × 1
Brush × 1
Casting Rings × 3
Crucible × 2
Porcelain Stick × 5
Stick Holder × 1
Round Metal Plate × 1
Frame Ring × 2
Heat Separation Plate
Capacitance × 1